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Traits Prix Barbour Femme Dales Liddesdale Quilted Veston – Noir

Traits Prix Barbour Femme Dales Liddesdale Quilted Veston – Noir

We present a method allowing one to employ another external kicks with strength K′ and delay η to control the global stochasticity in two-dimensional Hamiltonian systems; here we use a model of the standard map, the control here means that the Barbour Vente Par Correspondance chaotic state Barbour Femme will be able to changed in the entire angular momentum interval (−∞,∞) at will. Through the action of periodically external kicks to a standard map, a new type of spatial intermittency, we term it as chaotic wave, appears. Especially, split the strength of the kicks of originally standard map into two parts with delay η⪡1, a region where the KAM tori are reconstructed, and such KAM tori always can be found no matter how large the strength is. Results show that the behaviors of the controlled system are sensitive to the change Barbour Soldes of delay η and obtuse to the change of controlling kicks strength K′.

The Car-Parrinello method has been applied the adsorption of ammonia on regular (100) surfaces of solid magnesium oxide. One NH3 molecule was positioned on a surface consisting of three layers with four Mg and four O atoms in each. The samples were first subjected to simulated annealing up to temperatures in the range of 50–300 K and then to a free molecular dynamics run covering time intervals of 2–3 ps. NH3 is physisorbed on the surface. The N atom is bound to the Mg but not centered above it. The dynamics of the NH3 molecule are discussed in terms of three modes, a stochastic reorientation of the molecule around its figure axis, a nutation around an axis vertical to the figure axis, and the NH stretching modes. The calculation confirms recent inelastic neutron scattering results, which indicate rotation-translation coupling and a low barrier to the rotational motion.

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